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We offer a comprehensive set of services in our office(s) to aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of your cardiac health including:

Clinical cardiology services

- Treatment of acute and chronic cardiac diseases
   - Cholesterol management
   - Hypertension management
   - Heart failure management
- Heart rhythm disorders

Resting electrocardiogram (EKG)

Transthoracic echocardiography

Ambulatory outpatient telemetry monitor
- 24 hour holter monitor
   - 30 day event monitor

Stress testing
- Treadmill exercise stress test
   - Exercise stress echocardiography
   - Exercise stress myocardial perfusion imaging (exercise nuclear stress test)
   - Pharmacological stress myocardial perfusion imaging (non-walking nuclear stress test)

Cardiac pacemaker and AICD device interrogation and programming

Diagnostic cardiac catheterization

*More advanced inpatient cardiac diagnostic and treatment options are available at our multiple affiliated hospitals.

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